Top 5 VPN for Android Apps 2021

Android VPNs are important to have in 2021. Whenever you connect to the public wi-fi you’re at risk and a VPN can protect you from that. If you’re missing out on a show that’s currently not available in your location. VPN can unblock geo-restricted content for you. if you have to deal with work-related business, even from your phone, VPN will provide you with confidentiality, and protect your connection from peeping toms and malevolent agents. but if you're trying to use a VPN on android, you need a service that has a dedicated android app without limitations compared to the desktop app.


You can use it on six devices simultaneously. Nord android VPN app is very responsive and comfortable. it also has the same functionality as the Windows app with major features such as the kill switch, cybersex, and split tunneling available and easily configurable. kill switch protects you when your VPN connection breaks, cybersex blocks malware and ads online, and split tunneling allows you to apply VPN connection only to the apps that you need at that moment. Nord VPN is very fast and it provides enough speed to watch Netflix in ultra HD with no buffering. when I say that the NordVPN Android app unblocks streaming platforms, NordVPN uses military-grade encryption, and it even received an IDX certification for protection for their Android app. Only a few VPNs have this right now. Located in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of Panama, NordVPN also has a no-logs policy.You do have to enter your email to register, though. So minus for privacy. But finally, NordVPN has a seven-day trial for Android. So if you're not sure you, have seven days to decide,plus its pricing is quite cheap, especially if you go long-term.


This VPN sports a rare offer of unlimited simultaneous connections. It has a nice and simple Android app with a good design too. With Surfshark, you get access to a kill switch, Shadowsocks protocol for bypassing firewalls, and GPS spoofing to alter your physical location on maps. There's also a CleanWeb feature. It'll protect you from ads and malware, just like NordVPN's cybersex. Surfshark is equipped with WireGuard, raising its speeds on a whole new level, and it uses the speed to stream quality content from Netflix. But not only Netflix works with Surfshark. There are many other streaming platforms that it supports. So in terms of security, Surfshark uses standard military-grade encryption, as most of the VPNs as far as privacy goes, Surfshark is in the clear. It's located on the British Virgin Islands and has a no-logs policy. as for the pricing, besides having a seven day trial for iOS and Android, currently, Surfshark has the best price to value ratio with low prices and unlimited device deal as deciding factors.


Another VPN with an unlimited device limit is Windscribe. This one is perhaps the most minimalistic app on this list. The design is neat, although I prefer their PC color scheme to the one theychose for Android. Windscribe has a functional kill switch, split tunneling, and GPS spoofing as main features, and Wireguard based connection I found to be both fast and reliable. For dealing with ads and malware, it has a feature called R.O.B.E.R.T., a fully customizable solution against online threats. Windscribe's connection is protected by the same military-grade encryption. And this service is also great for entertainment, allowing you to bypass the geoblocks of various streaming platforms. Unfortunately, Windscribe doesn't operate in the best jurisdiction. Canada is part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance. On the other hand, wins crime has a good reputation in terms of privacy, and a no-logs policy. It also has decent pricing, but not as great as the previous two. However, there's something you'll really like: a limited free version, making Windscribe potentially the best Android-free VPN.


ExpressVPN is even more expensive.Yeah, the pricing is not ideal,especially since you're only getting five simultaneous connections for that price.On the other hand, ExpressVPN has its own fast  and secure protocol: Lightway. Plus it got IOXT certification for security, as did NordVPN. It's located in a privacy-friendly location of the British Virgin Islands and has a court-proven no-logs policy. Express VPN's Android app is not ideal. Though, it's easy to operate and navigate. I'm not a big fan of the new design. It has a kill switch, split tunneling and auto-connect features. Would love see some more additional features though, compared to the previous three, you could be a bit disappointed. However, ExpressVPN has no problems with unblocking geo-blocked content and streaming platforms. Though, the main problem is still within pricing and lack of anything, resembling a trial or a free version.


This service offers five simultaneous connections. The app is intuitive and has a very unique color palette with rich dark blue colors. VyprVPN will provide you with a kill switch, split tunneling and chameleon protocol for bypassing deep packet inspections and firewalls. With Wireguard, VyprVPN reaches above-average speeds. VyprVPN unblocks geo-blocked content without a hitch. This Android VPN Netflix performance is quite up there. so the standard military-grade encryption probably bores you by now, but that's what VyprVPN uses. VyprVPN's jurisdiction is ideal. Switzerland is a very VPN-friendly country. As for the pricing, VyprVPN is amongst the cheapest VPN services, for sure. Besides, every VPN in this list has a money-back guarantee.

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