Enhanso All in One Tools Software Download

It is not uncommon for a computer to slow down over time. This can cause a computer to slow down due to loading unnecessary files and running unwanted programs. Enhanso is one of the best software that can be used for this purpose. This software not only speeds up the computer but also presents all the details of all the hardware in the computer in great detail. This will make it easier for you to access computer system information. All the information on the Processor, Mainboard and Memory, SDP, Display Adapter, HDD, etc. can be seen very clearly.

The computer maintenance tools in this software can easily remove unwanted things from the computer and make it faster. The Registry cleaner button can be used to remove unwanted items from the Windows registry. It is also possible to back up the registry if needed. Disk Cleaner can be used to find and remove unwanted temporary files on the computer's hard drive. The Startup Items button allows you to enable or disable programs that run automatically when the operating system boots. It is also possible to defrag files scattered on the hard disk. In addition, the Uninstaller icon here can easily remove programs that are already installed on the computer.

System Requirements for Enhanso

Software Full Name - Enhanso

Category - PC Speed Booster

Developers - seriousbit

Version - Last Verson

Operating System - Windows 7/8/10

License - Free / Paid

Setup Size - 15.2 MB

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