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 Adobe Illustrator is one of Adobe's editing software of the Adobe Creative Cloud committee and it is used to draw vector graphics now these vector graphics will be applied in a variety of formats like icons logos posters banners etc so whatever basic art that you need to draw using computers can be drawn.

Adobe Illustrator 2022 New Features

01. 3D and Materials

The most exciting addition to illustrator 2022 has to be the 3d and materials feature it has its panel
which you can find from the Window menu and this is probably the easiest way to work with it however you can also find it from the effect menu under 3d and materials now notice that we still have the legacy original 3d effects here but I wouldn't recommend using these anymore because besides the new features being more intuitive they are less likely to crash illustrator as well in case you ever use the old 3d effects I'm sure you experienced a couple of crashes with them now before we get into creating these 3d objects in illustrator I want to also point out that I highly recommend turning on setting in the preferences you will find this underperformance and it is the real-time drawing and editing option so make sure to enable this and you don't actually have to restart illustrator for this to start working essentially.

02. Extrude

For this square, I am going to use the panel and choose to extrude once we click on that immediately we get the object and  so we can see it better by the way you could already see that the real-time editing even shows changes in scale and proportions live so the 3d object is generated as I'm making the changes of course it switches temporarily into a lower-resolution version but as soon as I let go it updates to a better-rendered object but this is still not the final most refined render that you can generate I'm going to show you soon how to create that but for now, let's just increase the depth on this object and try to create something more like a cube I'm going to reduce the size just ever so slightly maybe reduce the depth as well and there's a lot of cool things we can try out straight away like the corner widgets with which we can add this nice rounded corners on the square but we also have the bevel option with which we can add additional embellishments and we can of course again refine the width the height of this and we can also change the bevel shape maybe make that also rounded now to change the viewing angle you will have to use this little widget herein In the middle, you can rotate around the z-axis or you can rotate around x and we can also rotate around the y axis fairly quick and easy to get used to this widget but if you prefer you can also, find these rotation options here on the panel itself now besides the width and the height of the bevel you can even repeat the bevel which is going to generate additional steps on that edge and you can even control the space between these and instead of creating the bevels outside of the original plane you can even invert it by using the bevel inside option now remember mentioned that this is not the best quality render that you can get if you wish to add. 

03. Ray Tracing

Result fairly quickly but if you want to improve the result even further you can click on the little arrow where we can choose to create a higher quality or higher resolution version of this render this can be extremely useful when you are working generally with vector objects and you want to make sure that the 3d effects are not going to be too low quality for the preferred print size that you are preparing your work for don't forget to turn off this ray tracing toggle in case you are still making changes to your object otherwise it's going to keep rendering every time and it's going to take much longer to see the results now I'm going to make this object is smaller and because of the corner widgets it's going to actually end up being a cylinder but quite like.

04. Revolve

Object to the front and click on revolve in the panel which is going to generate a sphere, of course, you can change the offset like before so we can have it on the left edge or the right edge which could also generate interesting results but I'm going to go with the left edge and create that sphere and here because we have a very round object it's even more important to use ray tracing to get better results and avoid that bending that we can see here so if I select this and turn on ray tracing we get a much nicer and shinier object and since.

04. Materials

The materials where we can choose from some free substance materials like this marble paint or natural gold or one of my favorite the copper foil which has a nice texture to it and once you start using these materials you will get a lot of additional options for the properties of the material and you can change a lot of things here like the color variation on the material variation of the roughness you can even add oxidation scratches an important one which you probably want to play with is the normal the intensity with which you can increase the bumps so it's like making the surface a little bit more rugged and uneven but it gets even more exciting once we switch to lighting but besides the four default options standard, of course, adjust the settings manually.

05. Lighting

The four default options standard diffuse top left and right again we can, of course, adjust the settings manually so, for instance, we can move the light around and once again we get a very low-resolution version but a live preview of this happening this is again extremely useful and then we can change things like the height of the light and even add a cast shadow which by default is going to be rendered behind the object but normally it makes more sense to have it below the object and to make sure that the full shadow is visible normally you would want to increase the shadow boundary so if I zoom out we can see how this looks and the shadow itself also looks really nice but because of the settings I used it still didn't render it completely there is even a fall off or the shadow is getting blurrier the further away from it gets from the object and if this is not enough you can even add color to your light so I'm just going to use yellow which is going to affect the material but also the cast shadow itself now jumping back to the object section.

06. Share your work

when you save your Illustrator file as a cloud document you will be able to invite collaborators to review your work and now you will be able to see their comments coming up live within the comments panel and the only requirement for reviewers are that they need an adobe id but they don't need to have a license for adobe illustrator you as the designer will be able to see the comments coming up live within this the panel you will be able to also respond to them or even mark them being resolved once you made the changes that they requested you can now also place them.

07. Smaller changes

Smaller changes that were introduced now under select same we have a new section for text attributes so within an illustrator document with this you can find all the text objects that are using the same font or the same font size or any of these other options here there is also now support for two new file formats that you can place into illustrator documents the high-efficiency image format or if and also the google image format web p which I can quickly demonstrate so if I go to file place again here I have a VP example once I choose the place as you can see it works within illustrator and last but not least in case you like working with adobe fonts the good news is that now illustrator will be able to automatically enable any adobe fonts that are used in a document that you are opening up on your computer so you will get this dialog box at first but if you choose don't show me again and enable auto activation then each time you are working with a new document it will all.

System Requirements for Adobe Illustrator 2022

Software Full Name - Adobe Illustrator 2022

Category - Graphic Design

Developers - Adobe
License - Free
Version - v26.0.0.730
Setup Size 1.58 GB
Operating System - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Processor - Intel Dual Core or higher Processor
RAM - 2 GB
Hard Disk - 2 GB


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