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Usually, the photos, songs, and apps on an iPhone are managed from the computer using the iTunes software. But with the 3uTools software we introduce in this article, you can do all those things more easily. iTunes is Apple's official software. You know, using iTunes makes it a little harder to work with. Suddenly you have to copy a song from your computer, install an app and make a backup. With this 3uTools software, you can get almost all the services you need without any of those thorns. Some work that can be done,

1. Apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos on the computer can be copied to the Apple device and the data on the phone can be copied to the computer. That means the file manager works as a tool.
2. You can backup contacts, photos, files, apps on your Apple device. 
3. You can remove and clean unwanted files on the iPhone. 
4. You can also set a ring tone of your choice. 
5. You can reduce the size and convert the video file on the computer to the way it is played on the phone. 
6. The screen of the phone can also be displayed on the computer in real-time.

System Requirements for 3uTools Software [ iPhone / iPad / iPod ]

Software Full Name - 3uTools Software

Category - Backup

Developers -  3uTools

License - Free
Version - Version: V2.58
Setup Size - 100 MB

Operating System - Windows 7/8/10

RAM - 1 GB

Password: srisoftx.com

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